New Math. For humans.
Bunch of formal concepts and theorems, but in the first place phenomenal thinking frameworks of my authorship, which I've created during last two years, being a long hard road, from, through and to the (information)noise.
Main purpose behind this work is to develop tools capable of unifying all branches of mathematics, while at the same time not restraining mathematical freedom.
Name origin: T + Math Where you can assume T is because of meta-T function around which, most of the introduced concepts revolve, however It's also tribute to a thought, which ironically seems to me somehow lost in the modern mathematics. Stuck somewhere in between the machine-math, formal gibberish and unintuitive notation.
In the long run I hope to establish, what I got to call, the mathematics ov thought. The collection of formal methods, where in the first place comes always the idea, or a concept, which does not need complete formal realization, in order to be considered formal. On the contrary to current formal methods I propose redefinition of the idea of formality. Instead of being rigorous set of axioms, tightly specifying the properties of the structure, I propose treating formality as a property of particular object and the concept of formality as the semi-abstract metric space.
What allows it to come without any loss of generality or formality to the system(in fact just the other way around). I developed the concept of semi-abstract structures, which allow to create new type by deriving from any mathematical object, exactly and only those properties which are needed. It allows to painlessly and flawlessly map formality into a property of each object.
I hereby present several ideas and tricks which allow for `continuous development` of the formalisms, which are necessary to call something 'formal', however at the same time not being invalid mathematical object without complete formal specification.

The Meta Principle

All is dual [...] and up to its anti-auto-morphism.

Some ideas

  • Proof is a source of truth in a domain of blind.
  • Everything is comparable, the trick is to pick a metric.
  • Every object has its' identity

Get involved

At the moment

Repository is in very active development, sorry for the mess and a lot of unclarity, redundancy and imprecision. I'm bring here all my mathematical ideas, from last years, optimizing and unifying them, in order to make sure Tmath maintains full integrity, as the thinking framework and possibly minimalistic, yet extremely powerful meta-formal system.
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