God principle

Father, son and the holy ghost.
Name origin: Generators + Objects + Deffers. This is the triplet that every mathematical object must be morphable to, in order to be considered having mathmaking capabilities.
Definition of definition: Extension of the totality box, by the object, to which the given descriptor provides its' identity.
Pay attention here, not to mix up the terms totality box, with the concept Hilbert space. You can assume, that those terms, have absolutely nothing to do with each other.


Purity of a concept, is given by the absence of absolute(context-free) existence functor. Pure concept is formal concept that has perfect realizer, however purity is term reserved strictly to the concept and not the realizer. In fact impurity is property of every realizer <==> there is no realizer that is pure. In other words, if something is pure it's not a realizer of the formal concept. It could be thought of as the prolog program, which contains only set of rules, but no facts at all, or definition the simply the definition of mathematical concept(mathematical object
to which questionable existence functor returns always false for the query asking if M contains a value.
Formally: (val in M)? -> always #false


This diagram represents generator, starting point and an a structure with two category of elements, x and y and edges v and h, represent performed expansion.
This diagram, could be said to represent algebra with two categories of elements. For example numbers and operators.