Chaos Generator

This example is real gold, because, when we change $sc$. $r$ will generate all answers to the question, of purpose of life, that will be valid in this scope, yet never providing any statement, actually relevant to this question.
Let's suppose, of meaning of life, got into the last element in the set of all questions. Therefore the moment in which correct answer appears in the system, is the moment:
is translating set of all answers, into relevant. By this, correlating every answer, with the accordingly to belonging to the same set of answers, to which a correct answer belongs.
Therefore not only creating a mapping of each answer, to the binary value #false, upon the fact, of discovering, answer that is true.
While at the same time, each of those, should be decor-elated. Because out-of their scope, from when we discovered the only true answer.
res, q_list = [], list(*questions, Question('Whats meaning of life?'))
for q in q_list:
sc.question = q # Changes question
res += r # Generates `wrong answer` to the question about the meaning of life, with an answer to another question.
# Damn, I don't have time for this, but seems like interesting example, super intuitive and powerful concerning concepts, of chaos.
# This updates system with an information, that basically triggers non-default behaviour, in the system state updates.
# Reminds, me off those dna chains, that lock
----- <--^-->
\ | / |
\|/ |
I got this weird idea, that somehow I feel like is accurately representing this process.
Left symbol represents the state of giving proper answer, while the right one, diverging correlation and scope relevance of the answer set.