Transcendental operator

I'm not entirely sure, about its actual use case, but got me thinking, its pretty cool spell
Transcendence operator is such operator, which returns a tuple containing objects of same order, for any algebraic structure with elements, that have taxonomic properties <==> elements belong to two or more disjoint sets, where every set for all their elements satisfies a predefined inequality relation, dependent on the generative context. Specific inequality relation, is given, by binary inequality relation, between the edges starting from the common point(point of categorical divergence).


Let's for take this diagram for example.
In this case, if we specify the inequality relation by the rule
h>v\vec{h} > \vec{v}
, then
x,yX,Yy>x\forall{x,y} \in X, Y | y > x
For example in context of standard algebras, Y and X can accordingly represent: Operators and numbers(values). Every operator is higher order object, than any number.
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Think about it as kinda teleporter/transformator, which for particular generative elements, gives you flattened structure containing, all generated objects grouped into well-typed comparable(hierarchical) categories.
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